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Scientific Study Demonstrates Psychic Phenomena

Have Scientists Found Evidence of Psychic Phenomena Finally?

Not only does this study (which appears to be considered truly scientific by any standard) demonstrate psychic phenomena, it hints at exciting things regarding the nature of time and destiny. And I’m not blowing it out of proportion. Read on…

Melissa Burkley, PhD, does a fantastic job of explaining this study in plain english at Psychology Today:

In one of the studies, college students were given a list of words and after reading the list, were given a surprise recall test to see how many words they remembered. Next, a computer randomly selected some of the words on the list as practice words and the participants were asked to retype them several times. The results of the study showed that the students were better at recalling the words on the surprise recall test that they were later given, at random, to practice. According to Bem, practicing the words after the test somehow allowed the participants to “reach back in time to facilitate recall.”

In another study, Bem examined whether the well-known priming effect could also be reversed. In a typical priming study, people are shown a photo and they have to quickly indicate if the photo represents a negative or positive image. If the photo is of a cuddly kitten, you press the “positive” button and if the photo is of maggots on rotting meat, you press the “negative” button. A wealth of research has examined how subliminal priming can speed up your ability to categorize these photos. Subliminal priming occurs when a word is flashed on the computer screen so quickly that your conscious brain doesn’t recognize what you saw, but your nonconscious brain does. So you just see a flash, and if I asked you to tell me what you saw, you wouldn’t be able to. But deep down, your nonconscious brain saw the word and processed it. In priming studies, we consistently find that people who are primed with a word consistent with the valence of the photo will categorize it quicker. So if I quickly flash the word “happy” before the kitten picture, you will click the “positive” button even quicker, but if I instead flash the word “ugly” before it, you will take longer to respond. This is because priming you with the word “happy” gets your mind ready to see happy things.

In Bem’s retroactive priming study, he simply reversed the time sequence on this effect by flashing the primed word after the person categorized the photo. So I show you the kitten picture, you pick whether it is positive or negative, and then I randomly choose to prime you with a good or bad word. The results showed that people were quicker at categorizing photos when it was followed by a consistent prime. So not only will you categorize the kitten quicker when it is preceded by a good word, you will also categorize it quicker when it is followed by a good word. It was as if, while participants were categorizing the photo, their brain knew what word was coming next and this facilitated their decision.

These are just two examples of the studies that Bem conducted, but his other studies showed similar “retroactive” effects. The results clearly suggest that average “non-psychic” people seem to be able to anticipate future events.

There are a few things to get tingly about here. First, the fact that this study was conducted in such a way as to be considered valid and valid enough to be published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. So we shouldn’t expect any of the usual poo-pooing (well I suppose we should, because some people just can’t accept anything psi-related) of the methodologies that have dogged other serious researchers like Rupert Sheldrake or Dean Radin. Second, this kind of research can be replicate in so many ways, further honing in on the phenomena – much more will be learned after this. Third, the implications of the nature of time are profound. Fourth, this study just happens to be coming out around the same time as another study conducted by physicists on particles that essentially demonstrates the same thing! It’s being demonstrated that particles behave differently in the present depending upon what happens to them in the future. THAT is trippy.

Now the question is, how soon before someone creates an iPhone app based on this? ;)

Control Your iPhone With Your Mind

The New PLX XWave Device

The same NeuroSky technology behind Mattel’s MindFlex Game (click here to read all about it) is the driving ‘force’ (pun intended) of this new headset that allows you to control your iPhone (or iPod or iPad) with your brainwaves.

According to the maker, PLX Devices, “By safely detecting your brain’s rhythm through a small sensor contact gently placed on the skin of your forehead, XWave gives you a window into your mind. Grounded in medical research and patents, the XWave senses your attention and meditation levels. You will be able to control and float objects in video games by simply thinking about it, or train your mind to focus and relax on command.”

There are currently only four compatible applications listed on the PLX Devices website. The XW training app is described like this:  “Start with this fun free App to learn how to use your XWave headset. This app includes a brainwave visualizer and an attention and meditation trainer.” Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

While you may not be exactly comfortable wearing this headset on the bus to work, using a brainwave reading device in a more private setting to engage with the training software could prove to be a valuable exercise in biofeedback.

There is also a meditation application available. And another application, “Tug of Mind,” reads the brain patterns of the player as they try to relax, while a Digimi generated character aims to do the opposite.

Put this one on your holiday gift list, folks!

Former Senator Ted Stevens Had A Premonition He Would Die In A Plane Crash

Senator Ted Stevens Foretold His Death

Several sources have reported briefly on the anecdote that Ted Stevens, the former Alaska senator who died August 9 in a plane crash, had a premonition of his death.

Alaska Pride reports: “One fact not widely reported is that Senator Stevens reportedly had a premonition that he would die in a plane crash. This premonition occurred back during the 1970s, before he was involved in a plane crash at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport on December 4th, 1978 that killed five of seven people on board, including his first wife, Ann. As a result, Senator Stevens placed a premium on air safety during his stewardship, becoming a key supporter of legislation intended to help relatives of those killed in air crashes.”

The Washington Post reported: “…he told acquaintances of a premonition that he would die in one of the small, tinny airplanes that traverse Alaska’s wilderness.”

The premonition is mentioned briefly in most reports of his death, and the mention typically amounts to something like, “Stevens once spoke of a premonition,” or “Stevens told acquaintances of a premonition,” or just, “Stevens reportedly had a premonition…”

Does anyone know where to find the original report of his premonition, or where more details are spelled out?

Astonishing New Book From 9/11 Widow Charts Signs and Premonitions from Victims

"Messages" by Bonnie McEneaney

From Amazon’s book description: When Bonnie McEneaney’s husband, Eamon, died in the attacks on the World Trade Center, she thought she had lost him forever. And then something unexpected happened that would shake her to the core and reassure her that her husband was still with her. As Bonnie reveals in this groundbreaking book, she began to have experiences that convinced her that her husband, in spirit, was sending her signs, indeed messages, that he was still present and watching over his family.

A mother and former business executive, Bonnie was always the rational one, and quite skeptical of the spiritual world and all that it represents, but after talking to a number of other families and friends of loved ones lost on 9/11, she realized she was not alone.

Numerous others connected to the tragedy—from financial executives to stay-at-home moms—described their own experiences: premonitions, signs, dreams, visitations, and communications through mediums and psychics. Bonnie began recording their compelling stories in a groundbreaking four-year-long project, illuminating the power of love and the unbreakable bond love creates.

Now, in Messages, she shares these miraculous spiritual stories while weaving in her own heartfelt message of comfort and hope for all those who are searching for their own deeper connections, proving that love and relationships can continue after death.

Have you read, “Messages?” I’d love to get your feedback here in the comments or in a blog post.

Paranormal Afterlife Stories Wanted for New Edition of Book, ‘Contacted’

'Contacted' first edition

Have you ever had an instance where you felt a deceased loved one, friend or stranger was in some way communicating with you? Perhaps they appeared in a vision or you sensed their presence through sound, smell or unusual coincidence. How did you feel?

Freelance journalist, Audrey Healy, along with fellow author Don Mullan, is currently compiling a second edition of their book ‘Contacted’ (Mercier Press 2007).

The stories collected involve people who have found comfort in experiencing the presence of a deceased loved one or friend, knowing that they are at peace. In some cases people have felt contact with complete strangers who have passed on.

Both Audrey and Don are the authors of a number of books and have gathered remarkable stories in their first edition of ‘Contacted’ from people of all ages from around the world. The response to their first appeal for stories was overwhelming and they are now appealing for people to write or email their experiences, no matter how small and insignificant they may seem.

The authors are specific about the stories they are seeking. They are not looking for stories arising from contact with psychics, clairvoyants or mediums, whereby the living try to communicate with the dead. They are looking for stories from people who believe the communication came from people who have passed on.

Audrey Healy explains: “Our approach, arising out of our own personal experiences, is non-judgmental. We do not set out to prove or disprove the afterlife theory. We are simply providing a forum for people to share their own experiences before presenting them to the public who can then make up their own minds.”

Contributors can remain anonymous if they so wish and can forward their experiences to Audrey Healy, c/o Longford County Library, Longford, Co. Longford, Ireland or email Please include your name, not necessarily for publication but for acknowledgment.

Participate in UVa Online Paranormal Research

Dr. Nancy Zingrone and Dr. Carlos Alvarado

The Study of Human Experiences Project is a research website set up by Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado, Assistant Professor of Research in
Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the Division of Perceptual Studies of the University of Virginia. The project involves a random
survey of the population of Richmond, Virginia, and an on-line survey at their website.

Dr. Alvarado and his wife and co-investigator Dr. Nancy L. Zingrone are very interested in a wide variety of experiences that people live with
every day from fantasy and dreams to life satisfaction and daily habits and beliefs to experiences that many people consider to be

To take their survey, go to

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body

There is plenty of scientific evidence to back up the idea of mind/body healing. Whole Science’s mindy body expert, Dr. David Hamilton, shares in a very engaging way the studies that support mind body healing. He then explains how to use visualization and intention to put this powerful tool to use for yourself. Your mind does indeed have a profound effect on your body.

Check out Dr. Hamilton’s web siteCheck out Dr. Hamilton's web site.

Telephone telepathy demonstrated – Dr. Rupert Sheldrake video

“Statistically significant.” How many times can one woman predict which of her four sisters is calling on the telephone (from a mile away)? Try 50% of the time. Watch this entertaining, engaging and straight forward documentary of one of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake’s telepathy experiments.  

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake develops and employs scientifically sound methods for testing and demonstrating psychic phenomena. Watch as he conducts a test of one woman’s psychic abiltiies by having her predict which of her four sisters is calling on the telephone (determined each time by a roll of the dice). She ends up being right an incredible 50% of the time. According to Sheldrake, results almost as good as this are not uncommon in his research, and they are statistically significant.

This video is not only captivating, it’s entertaining, too. If you’re not familiar with Sheldrake, this video will make you want to know more. Luckily he has a great website for you to explore. Enjoy! 

Click here to visit Sheldrake’s website:

ESP Trainer for the iPhone


ESP Trainer for the iPhone


The ESP trainer was developed under a NASA program by Russell Targ at Stanford Research Institute.

The good people at say, “We have found that people are able to improve their ESP scores by using a machine just like this and get in touch with the part of themselves that is psychic. This is often called a clairvoyant ability, and can enhance your life in many surprising ways.”

It’s a simple concept of selecting which of four colored squares the application has chosen.

In a year long NASA program with 145 subjects (under Contract 953653 NAS7-100) many were able to significantly improve their scores. Four of the subjects improved their scores at the hundred-to-one level or better.

You can download the app at the iTunes store by following this link:  Russell Targ iPhone ESP Trainer

If you end up frequently scoring a 12 or more, Russell Targ would like to hear from you:  Contact Russell TargContact Russell Targ