Play the game that lets you move an object with your mind

Play the game that lets you move an object with your mind.

This isn’t a joke from The Onion or parody from SNL. The picture to the left is of an actual game called “Mindflex” ™, and you can buy it just about anywhere – like Target, ToysRUs, KMart and

If you don’t mind looking a little bit silly wearing the headgear that requires you clip sensors to your earlobes, you can have a lot of fun.

MindflexThe gadget produces vertical air streams upon which floats a very light foam ball. Sensors in the headgear read your brainwaves (much like an EEG does) and translate them into a wireless signal sent to the fan inside the game. You control the the power of the fan and thereby the levitation of the ball. The more effectively you concentrate, the stronger the fan blows and the higher the ball floats. Relax your mind, and the fan’s power decreases, lowering the ball.

You can read more and watch videos of the game in action at the maker’s website:

The question we’re guessing is on your mind: “Does it really work?” Here’s the verdict on that from a review at Gizmodo:

“Granted, it takes a little practice to master but, clearly, the Mindflex game does read and respond to your brainwaves/concentration level. I was able to alter the fan speed to raise and lower the tiny foam ball at will, although there were times when the accuracy or response time was less than stellar. Occasionally, I would relax and clear my mind only to find the LED concentration indicator (and the ball) rise to its highest level. There were also times when I would be concentrating hard, but nothing would happen. Maybe it’s the game, maybe it’s my awesomely complex brain—

who knows.”

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