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Former Senator Ted Stevens Had A Premonition He Would Die In A Plane Crash

Senator Ted Stevens Foretold His Death

Several sources have reported briefly on the anecdote that Ted Stevens, the former Alaska senator who died August 9 in a plane crash, had a premonition of his death.

Alaska Pride reports: “One fact not widely reported is that Senator Stevens reportedly had a premonition that he would die in a plane crash. This premonition occurred back during the 1970s, before he was involved in a plane crash at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport on December 4th, 1978 that killed five of seven people on board, including his first wife, Ann. As a result, Senator Stevens placed a premium on air safety during his stewardship, becoming a key supporter of legislation intended to help relatives of those killed in air crashes.”

The Washington Post reported: “…he told acquaintances of a premonition that he would die in one of the small, tinny airplanes that traverse Alaska’s wilderness.”

The premonition is mentioned briefly in most reports of his death, and the mention typically amounts to something like, “Stevens once spoke of a premonition,” or “Stevens told acquaintances of a premonition,” or just, “Stevens reportedly had a premonition…”

Does anyone know where to find the original report of his premonition, or where more details are spelled out?