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Participate in UVa Online Paranormal Research

Dr. Nancy Zingrone and Dr. Carlos Alvarado

The Study of Human Experiences Project is a research website set up by Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado, Assistant Professor of Research in
Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the Division of Perceptual Studies of the University of Virginia. The project involves a random
survey of the population of Richmond, Virginia, and an on-line survey at their website.

Dr. Alvarado and his wife and co-investigator Dr. Nancy L. Zingrone are very interested in a wide variety of experiences that people live with
every day from fantasy and dreams to life satisfaction and daily habits and beliefs to experiences that many people consider to be

To take their survey, go to http://www.studyofhumanexperiences.org/

Participate in Rhine Center Research (Durham, NC)

Are you interested in participating in Research at the Rhine Center in Durham, NC?
You can sign up to be a member of the Rhine Research Center’s participant pool. The Rhine Center will be running at least two research studies in the coming months. By registering as a research volunteer, your details will be forwarded to the research team, who will contact you when studies are about to commence. At this time, they will send you more details about the study, and if you are interested and available, arrange a convenient time for you to take part. Studies will take place at the Rhine Research Center, and can be organized around your schedule.

The sign up form is located here:  http://ymlp.com/signup.php?id=guhwewygmgmhttp://ymlp.com/signup.php?id=guhwewygmgm

Monthly Psychic Experiences Group in Durham, NC

Monthly Psychic Experiences Group
(PEG) sharing and discussion around  personal experiences
Ongoing: Every first Tuesday of the month
January 5th7:00 -9:00 PM
Alex Tanous Library in the Rhine Center in Durham, NC

There is an open discussion group that meets at the Alex Tanous Library in the Rhine Center. As an informal group, participants share personal experiences involving psi (experiences outside our ordinary daily lives). At times, various topics may unfold, but the evening always begins with the sharing of experiences. We honor participants’ privacy for their stories outside the meetings. Facilitators are Pamela St. John and Debi Pratt. For questions or information, please contact: Pamela St. John, or call (919) 929-1578 
Rhine Members Free
Non-Members $10.00