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Self-Proclaimed 9/11 Predicter Warns of New, Equally Massive Attacks in the West

Chris Robinson, the "Dream Detective" who claims to have predicted 9/11

Gary S. Bekkum of Starpod.org brought this item to my attention. Chris Robinson, the “Dream Detective” who claims to have predicted the terrorist attacks of 9/11 via his dreams, has been posting warnings on Twitter about imminent new attacks.

From Robinson’s Twitter feed:

Seeing HUGE DOGS off leads. DEEP SNOW this is serious dreams and the 5 x 911 part is scary. Stonegrove ??
4:51 AM Aug 26th

COULD be USA or UK.. LONDON real possibility. Been seeing it build up for over a week now so decided to tweet it. Seeing Jewish areas. 4:47 AM Aug 26th

Multiple Terrorist attacks are imminent.. These will be multiple locations and in the WEST.. Police not aware of the cells. 911 type dreams 4:45 AM Aug 26th

dreams last night about attacks on military bases… The 10 people I saw murdered in the dreams few weeks ago were killed last thursday,
3:05 PM Aug 10th

In Bekkum’s story, he claims, “Robinson has been on the record concerning his pre-9/11 warnings for several years, and has discussed the events leading up to the attacks with mainstream media sources in the UK….Several sources to STARstream Research have provided information supporting Robinson’s claim that CIA had been alerted to his premonitions prior to September 11, 2001.” STARstream Research is Bekkum’s project. (Bekkum’s story may be of interest to you, as it goes on to talk about the current existence of a psychic operations unit in the National Security Agency. Story here…)

You can follow Robinson on Twitter at:  http://twitter.com/DreamDetective1 His website is located at  http://www.dream-detective.com/

Another story about him appears on the Paranormal Review website:  http://www.paranormalreview.com/articles/20100810

Apparently, Robinson’s dreams were interesting enough to catch the attention of Britain’s Ministry of Defence, whose secret “UFO Files” were recently released to the public.

According to the Paranormal Review:

Chris tells how he knew in advance that there would be a terrorist attack at RAF Stanmore. So convinced was he that his dream was accurate that he went to the military base in 1990 and spoke to the uniformed guards at the gate, to warn them. Not surprisingly, he was detained and questioned but eventually released.

A month later, the IRA terrorist group placed a bomb at the base in a rucksack. No one was hurt in the explosion. …the MoD appears not to have been able to corroborate Chris Robinson’s account but it did confirm that there was an explosion at the RAF base in 1990. It said it was an incident that the Metropolitan Police would probably have handled.

According to his biography on World-of-Lucid-Dreaming.com:

Since the 1980s he has served as Scotland Yard’s dream detective, giving warnings of serious crimes and terrorist activities around the UK. They listen to him, because his advice in the past has proven bizarrely spot on.

He has also given demonstrations on live television, in which he was able to identify the contents of sealed containers – all via his precognitive dreams.

And in 2001, he took part in the famous Arizona Experiment; a scientific study of prophetic dreams that produced some uncanny results… This article is about the psychic dreams of Christopher Robinson and what one expert boldly described as “the best scientific experiment in the history of man.”

In 1991, Christopher Robinson [del] warned police that the IRA would bomb a bank in St Albans – five days before it happened. He named the town, the date and the time of day the explosion would occur. Amazingly, Robinson was also able to name the two IRA terrorists who were involved; information that was confirmed a week later by the police anti-terrorist squad.

Indeed, Hertfordshire Police has gone on the record to back up the work of this unparalleled dream detective: “When Chris Robinson comes to the police with his dreams, he is taken seriously and the information he passes on to his established contact, Sgt Richard MacGregor, is acted upon immediately.”

The main feature of his almost nightly precognitive dreams is that they show what will happen in the next day of his life. This happens even when the next day’s events are totally unforeseeable – such as witnessing a plane crash. What makes Christopher Robinson different from other claims of psychic dreams is that he reports them daily, and has been scientifically proven accurate many times.

Clearly, Robinson is a fascinating personality whose track record commands some respect. With the advent of the Internet and Twitter, it is now possible for him to go on record on a worldwide scale with his predictions.